Which Note Making App Is Best For Making Handwritten Notes For The?

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Which Note Making App Is Best For Making Handwritten Notes For The?

Indian Polity is one of the mainstays of the entire scheme of Civil Services Examination. The one book which comprehensively covers all the aspects of Indian Polity is M Laxmikanth’s book. Now, newcomers are faced with a doubt as to how such a large voluminous book should be covered. And sometimes, those aspirants who are already successful at one or more stages face the question of how to go about quick revisions of the same. The strategy is delineated in terms of Dont's and Dos. Don't make a separate notebook to write down notes from Laxmikant Book. Duplication is to be avoided at all costs. Don't study this book (just as in the case of other subjects) more than 45 min a day. Don't attempt to read big chapters like Parliament in a single sitting. This will reduce your motivational level. Don't study this structured book randomly. Don't ignore tables at any cost. Do mark and study the tables as a first step. This gives you overview of the entire constitution. Do make micro-notes in the margins of the book. Do club easy and tough chapters together. For chapters like Parliament trifurcate and cover the contents spread across three days. Do compress chapters on functionaries about 180 pages into 6 to 8 size A4 sheets (only tabular notes to be made). Do make mention of important case laws and judgements as t appear like Champakam Dorairajan Case, Minerva Mills case etc. Do develop a strong command over 125 plus Articles, Names of Parts and Schedules of the Constitution of India In my own case, once after the entire book was marked, from the preparation of 2010 right upto 2013, I revised Laxmikant’s Indian Polity once every week. Approximately, after 150 revisions of books of all subjects and in 3 attempts I found my name in the Final List of CSE 2013. PS. For additional inputs in this area of preparation or for the CSE otherwise, please check my profile panel.

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The time was June 23, 2009, at 03:15 PM. It was the morning of the day. The first step is to write your letter on its line by line; You can write it in Chinese, English, or French! It took me around 1 month to write every letter on its line, And then I had to send them to the Chinese consulate at Lianyungang city, In Jilin, which is a city in the country in Central China. As long as you do not forget, they are not going to forget The name of your father! Then read it from the very beginning to the end until you finish it! The second step is to think: “If you have the chance to travel by air, why Why not? ?” I was very afraid about this step. But, I was the lucky one, because at least now, I have the chance to get away! The third step would be to pay your air.

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