Why Is My PDF File Not Recognizing Original Text?

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Why Is My PDF File Not Recognizing Original Text?

PDF, as such, does not have a “built in” OCR. The ability to OCR will be found in other software - such as Abbyy Fine Reader, which we use, daily. PDF is just a document format to hold the finished document in a way which will be read in the same way that it was saved. It used to be just for work going to the printers - so you knew that the final print would be the same as the proof. These days it has taken over from fax as probably being THE way to transmit printed and signed documents. See also Ocr Pdf (and others) of course However, it is now easy enough to find a programme which will allow you to edit a PDF so care must be taken to “lock” the file.

OCR PDF: All You Need to Know

That's it. For all the other editing out there, there's a quick and easy way to get the same result with far less time and effort. If I need to work on a document at home, I can copy and paste in the entire text into OneNote, and in Word, I can make minor changes in a paragraph on a fly.

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