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Instructions and Help about Ocr PDF on the Macbook Pro

Welcome to nitro today we'll run through a brief overview on using optical character recognition in nitro pdf pro for mac let's get started the optical character recognition feature or ocr allows you to transform your scan documents and not only make them searchable but also editable to begin open the scan document in nitro pdf pro a prompt will appear to let you know that the document's been detected as a scanned document and recommends running ocr choose the appropriate language for the document and choose to ocr a page or the entire document once the ocr is complete you can go to the view menu and choose ocr layer to see what nitro pdf pro has translated from the document you can fix any errors by clicking into the text and correcting it note that this only changes the ocr layer which is useful for searching and copying and doesn't change what the actual document looks like to change the document itself go back into the document view click on the edit tool and highlight the text you want to correct choose correct text on the toolbar and make the adjustments because we've run ocr onto the document we now have the ability to search or copy the content and use it elsewhere that's all for today see you next time.

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FAQ - Ocr PDF on the Macbook Pro

How do I OCR a PDF on a Mac?
How to OCR PDF on Mac\uff1fThe OCR function is available in PDF Reader Pro for Mac and iOS Enter the reading page and click OCR Or tap Tools on the main menu -> OCR;Then click OCR and the result will show in OCR Results which can be copied and shared;More items...
Is there an OCR on Mac?
Searchable TextOCRKit is a simple and streamlined Mac application, that features the advanced Optical Character Recognition technology, allowing you to convert scanned or printed documents into searchable and editable text.
Does Apple preview have OCR?
Apple's Preview application has no OCR feature, so you will need third-party software with OCR functionality. You can search for the word. Alternatively, a purchased PDF Editor such as PDFPenPro 13.1 has a File menu item OCR Files 26 where you can drag/drop the scanned PDF onto that panel and it will be OCRed for you.
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