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FAQ - Ocr PDF on the OnePlus

Can Oneplus Scan documents?
Your One comes from the factory with the suite of Google applications, including Google Drive, if you don't have it installed you must download it from the Google Play Store and you will be able to scan papers as if it were a regular copier or table scanner only with the camera of your smartphone.
How do I Scan a PDF on my Android?
Scan documents as PDFs on an Android deviceInstall and open the Drive app.Tap New Scan .When you're done scanning, tap OK.(Optional) To scan multiple pages, tap Bulk add. OK.Tap Save.Enter a name for the file, choose a Drive account to save the file to and a Drive folder, and tap Save.
How do I Scan a picture on my Oneplus one?
To use it, open the app on your phone and do the following. Tap the plus symbol in the lower right corner of the screen. This opens a menu pane with several options. Select Scan and the camera will launch, allowing you to capture a picture of the item in question.
How do I OCR a PDF on my iPhone?
How to Extract Text from a PDF Using OCR on iPhoneMake an image selection over the text you want extracted.Tap on the image selection to bring up the annotation popover.Tap the Text Recognition button. Wait for the text to be recognized Tap the Smart Copy button to copy the extracted text.
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